Letter to the Burglars

An overstretched police force lacks the resources to investigate domestic burglaries lacking in leads.  Thus, thieves are given the green light to continue with their transgressions unpunished.



The Police informed me that the maximum amount of time you spent ransacking my home would have been ten minutes.  Yet the carnage you left in my bedroom alone took the best part of three days – with very little sleep – to clear up.  You turned every drawer upside down and pulled everything down from my wardrobes in your frenzied search for items of value that you could exchange for cash.

Initially I thought you were just opportunistic, especially as I had left the bedroom window open – not unusual in our neighbourhood where crime and burglaries are rare. Silly me, no amount of locking the windows or deadlocking the door would have prevented you from violating my home.

You brazenly entered through the front door mid-morning.  I had no idea until I saw the ever so slightly distorted metal on the door frame when the…

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