Katyia’s Made to Order Fitted Face Masks

Lockdown has seen a surge in cottage industries and the creation of face masks which are now encouraged for all; teetering between medical necessity and a fashion statement whether conscious or not.

Here, we caught up with Katyia who works as an Optical Assistant who found that as the corona pandemic hit the UK it was very difficult to purchase face masks; most suppliers had sold out or the prices have been hiked due to the surge in demand with long delivery times.

It was not government policy to wear a face mask in the beginning of the pandemic but Katyia took the lead from far eastern countries which recommended the wearing of face masks in public places. “It is no coincidence that places like Taiwan and Hong Kong have low infection rates, as everyone wears a mask in public” said Katyia.

Trial and error with design templates but Katyia found the perfect fitted face mask design.

Katyia started to make masks not only for herself but for friends working in the NHS and key worker friends who continued to work with the public during lockdown. After a few attempts using different templates readily available on the internet, Katyia perfected her final design which is a comfortable fitted face mask made with three layers of 100% cotton fabric; which conforms to the current World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation.

Working in Eye Health, Katyia is particularly conscious of comfort when wearing a mask with glasses. Her face masks have a special piece within the face mask lining which moulds to the shape of the individual’s nose and cheek area to reduce steaming up glasses if worn.

Katyia’s mini work station, fabric is washed at a high temperature to ensure quality and cleanliness

Word of mouth amongst friends soon spread that Katyia’s fitted face masks are not only comfortable but fashionable in various colours and re-usable as they can be washed at a high temperature. Friends are confident that the masks are made with quality fabrics in a clean environment. Katyia now makes face masks to order and has a large choice of colourful fabrics and prints which are sold at a very reasonable price.

Each mask consists of an outer layer, lining and pocket which equates to three layers of 100% cotton protection as recommended by WHO.
Latest batch of made to order fitted face masks ready for shipping.

We now know that the corona virus is spread through person to person contact via spittle. In England the latest government advice is to wear a face covering in “enclosed spaces where social distancing is not possible” such as public transport and some shops.  

If you are planning for government easing of lockdown measures over the next few weeks, then Face Masks are going to be a way of life for a while – order your Face Mask and stay well via Katyia at: kgfacemasks@outlook.com

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