Fluffy Strawberry Sponge Cake


A lighter version of our traditional British Victoria Sponge Cake using a Taiwanese Castella Cake recipe. This uses less fat, sugar and flour and produces a delicate fluffy light sponge, perfect during the summer months with freshly picked strawberries. The following recipe produces approximately 8 to 10 slices and requires two round 8 inch cake tins.


9 eggs

115g caster sugar

110g vegetable oil

120g self raising flour

95ml milk

1/4 tsp salt

200ml fresh double cream

2 tbsp icing sugar (plus some for dusting)

250g fresh strawberries (reserve few to decorate cake if desired)


Separate the egg white and yolks into two mixing bowls then set the egg yolks to one side. Whisk the egg whites until foamy then gradually add the caster sugar and whisk until soft peaks are formed.

Heat the oil in the microwave for 90 seconds on a high heat or in a saucepan over the stove for 1 minute. Combine the salt and flour together in a bowl, add the oil and use a spoon to mix into a smooth paste. Then add the milk and egg yolks, stirring until it resembles a batter mixture.

Gradually fold the egg whites/meringue into the cake batter then pour the mixture into two lined cake tins. 

Place the cake tins into a larger baking tray with an inch of hot water and steam bake the cakes on Gas3/160c/365f for an hour or until the cake is cooked. 

Remove cakes from the oven, turn onto a cooling rack and allow to cool. Meanwhile, whisk the fresh cream and icing sugar and slice the washed strawberries. 

Layer both sides of the cake with a thick layer of whipped cream and cover one half with the strawberries. Sandwich the cake sponges together and place on a cake platter. Decorate with remaining strawberries and apply a dusting of icing sugar and serve. Enjoy. 

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